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To find and select a small business in Canada and give them a new visual identity.

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  • Logo Redesign
  • Stationery Package
  • Branding Guidelines
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  • 4 months
  • Tools & Software

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
Wordmark creating the bristles in the toothbrush logo sketch
Workmark turning the word Smiles into a smile logo sketch
Tooth creating a toothbrush logo sketch
Multiple teeth as a flower logo sketch

Starting any project, I like to sketch out whatever comes to mind of the subject for the first round. I began to sketch and whatever came to my mind when I thought of dentist went on paper. When I stood back from my first round of sketching, I realized that they were too cartoony for my liking.

Tooth seperated in four logo sketch
Multiple teeth logo sketch
Tooth seperated in two logo sketch
Tooth seperated in three logo sketch

I started my second round of sketching. I was going for something that reflected a more refined and professional feel of the company. Also, I wanted the logo to be recognizable to anyone. To allow anyone that sees the logo to know right away that it's a dentist with no guessing game.

Multiple variations of logos and colours
Colour Testing & Variations

Now I take you into my messy illustrator file. After I burnt myself out from sketching I took elements that I liked from my sketches and digitalized them. I was trying different text layouts and logo placements but didn't like anything. The only thing I liked was the mint green and navy blue colour combo because it represented a fresh feeling.

Showing the final logo board
Logo concept board

I went back to my sketches and found one showing multiple teeth, and I was drawn to it. I liked that it wasn't just one tooth, but it was multiple to show the numerous dental services that this company offers.

After I figured out the logo concept, I went and cleaned up the logo. I rounded the corners more and made the bottom of the tooth even. After that, I changed the colours because I wanted them to be brighter.

Finalized logo after revisions
Final logo after revisions

The Final Logo Concept

This newly designed logo shows a simple approach to instill trust in the patient to keep them coming back. This design of showing multiple teeth and not just one tooth is to represent many of the dental services provided for every patient. With this design approach, they understand that this dentist has everything to have them and their families leave with a healthy smile.

Mockup of the front and back business cards
Front and back of business cards

After completing the logo, the next big project was to create a stationery package. I wanted the design to be simple, easy to read and clean throughout the pieces to remain consistent with the brand.

Mockup of the front and back business cards
Business cards, envelope and letterhead
Mockup of what the dentist uniforms would look like
Mockup of the dentist uniforms
Mockup of what the inside of the dentist office would look like
Mockup of the office inside

The next and final project was to create branding guidelines. These are some of the mockups used in the book to show that the logo can be scaled down on a uniform as well as it can be scaled up for the bags that the patients get when the appointment is made. It also shows that it can be read far away on a storefront, which was my main goal.

Mockup of what a bag would look like
Mockup of the goodie bag
Mockup of what a store sign would look like
Mockup of the storefront
Front cover of the branding guidelines mockup
Branding guidelines, front and back cover
Branding guidelines mockup showing the logo uses and typeface
Branding guidelines, logo artwork and colours
Branding guidelines mockup showing the logo artworks and colours
Branding guidelines, logo artwork and colours

The Accomplished Objectives


For it being a simplistic logo, it allows more of the expenses to be focused on branding. Allowing the costs to remain under for this small business. This logo design enforces trust and shows the many dental services that patients want in a dentist so they can keep coming back.


These colours are both refreshing and relaxing to represent the overall experience of going to this dentist. With these shades of blue, it gives off the feeling of trust and tranquillity. It benefits the company by showing to patients first hand that they can be at ease when they go to book an appointment. This will get new patients coming through the door and that they will always be in great hands.