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To create a dream passion project that showcases my illustration skills and emphasizes my excitement for branding.

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  • Juice Box Branding
  • Motion Advertisement
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  • 1 month
  • Tools & Software

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
Mindmap of figuring out the juice names
Rough sketch of the bottles and names of the juice

This school project was the task of creating our passion project, and I have always wanted to do a juice advertisement. I feel like its the perfect project for a branding designer and illustrator. With the ability to use bright colours and create fun fruit illustrations, I couldn't wait to start building this project right away.

Juice advertisement for a red pressed juice called Berry Nice
Juice advertisement for a yellow pressed juice called Feeling Pine
Juice advertisement for a green pressed juice called Be The Zest

This is the first iteration of what the advertisement would look like. After I created these, I stood back and realized. What are these advertisements for? To promote an app? Or a product? Once I said product the idea of Juice Box came to my mind.

Final mockup of the Juice Box
Juice Box mockup

Juice Box is a subscription box for pressed juice. After I thought of this, I created a mockup of what the box would look like. Then I went back into my advertisement adventure in promoting Juice Box.

Final juice advertisement showing all the juice flavours
Final advertisement

After I created the Juice Box, my design for my advertisement fell into place. I stood back again thinking, am I already done? I wanted to do more and realized that there's movement in my illustration as it looks like the fruits could be falling.

Final juice advertisenment shown on a billboard mockup
Digital billboard

I went further with the project and created a digital billboard. I took my static illustrations and created a movement that will catch the eye of anyone passing by the billboard.

The Accomplished Objectives


This brand is a healthy juice company that wants to break down the barrier of seriousness. They want to promote the fact that 100% natural can be 100% fun too. I wanted this design to attract a more youthful and energetic crowd with fresh illustrations and humourous flavours, its something that stands out to the eye at first glance.

Juice Box

To go even further with the concept, I came up with the idea of having a subscription box called Juice Box. This gives young customers the option to have fresh juice delivered to their door which is popular in our society.

Motion Advertisement

The advertisement I designed is to promote the Juice Box and to get people to order as soon as they see it. To get people’s attention quickly, I added motion to the illustrations, which is something that isn’t found a lot in illustrative designs. As soon as the advertisement catches the eye, there is a prominent call to action button on the right, which is the website link to order a box.

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